Clap Back’s New Genre-bending Electronics

Clap back

Clap Back is an electronic music producer on the Flywheel Music Group label. The artist debuted his uniquely diverse electronic instrumental style on the 2020 five song EP, “Instersteller.” Nearly impossible to classify, the eclectic composer incorporates House, Glitch, Grime, Heavy Bass and some chill ambient moods into his brand of EDM. On January, 23 2021, Clap Back released his follow-up EP, “Electronics” to all major streaming services.

The five song collection opens with the upbeat House groove of the title track, the most straightforward Pop feel on the album. However, from it’s trippy intro to the glitchy synths that show up later in the song, it is clear there is some experimentation under the hood. The second track, “Flow” does not disappoint. The tune opens with ethereal synths to create a dark X-Files sound. However just after 1:00 mark, a funky Hip-hop beat drops and a deep wobbly synth bass takes the song to another level.

“Mystery” follows with a wild and dark mix of Glitch, Tech House and Goth. “Static” comes from a similar universe but with a smile on its face. The record closes with the richly nuanced, “R-Side VIP.” The song rides on a low, slow and funky old-school Hip-hop groove. A P-Funk style bass gives the track a Dr. Dre, Chronic-era feel. Clap Back collaborates with OMN1 on the song who introduces some new sounds including a little guitar and a couple of cool and unexpected melodic detours.

“Electronics” by Clap Back is a great ride through the world of EDM, with an expert navigator at the helm. Check it out below. You can also hear the title track on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Clap Back and the Fly Wheel Group.





Clap Back on the Deep Indie playlists