Limnetic Villains’ New Lo-Fi Psychedelic Altruism

Limnetic Villains is a prolific Irish music producer with a penchant for analog sounds and a generous spirit. Since 2017 the independent composer has been averaging a new album each year of his unique brand of experimental electronic music. When the pandemic shocked the world in 2020 he decided to use his art to become part of the solution to the world’s problems.

The entire Limnetic Villains catalog is on Bandcamp. The collection, which includes 8 records in total, is now available for only €10.31 ($12.51). LV donates half of the proceeds to the Irish Cancer Society. It is a cause close to the artist’s heart. As a child he watched his grandmother die of cancer. When he saw the outpouring of charity around the world in 2020, he decided that this was the best way for him to make a difference.

In addition to the seven records he has produced in previous years, the full discography download includes the brand new Limnetic Villains album “Multiple Divisions,” released February 3, 2021. The album is a 12 track collection of exploratory and experimental instrumental music. The LV sound is a mix of Trip-hop rhythms, Lo-fi beats and ambient synths. Throughout the album He mixes these and other electronic subgenres into a uniquely organic groove. Rather than rely on purchased or sampled loops, the multi-instrumentalist producer creates all of the music himself. Marked by his use of live drums and analog synths, the record has a distinctly human feel. 

Within the Lo-fi, Trip-hop framework he has created, Limnetic Villains dips a groovy hybrid of electronic music styles. From the dark Industrial vibe on tracks like “Alienism” and “Invisible Mask” to the airy ambient interludes “Glass Boy” and the fabulously titled “A Psychic Caught in the Rain,” LV creates a broad soundscape of instrumental moods and grooves. There is a definite 90’s Alternative influence throughout the album, and songs like “Fukuzawa Yukichi” touch on 80’s inspired synthwave sounds. The record is a groovy downtempo ride through the many flavors of modern instrumental electronic music.

Check out the fun and super trippy “Hattifattener” video, below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Limnetic Villains. His entire catalog, including the 2021 album “Multiple Divisions,” is available for only €10.31 ($12.51) at Bandcamp. Download the whole discography now. You’ll be treating yourself to hours of chillout headphone escapism, and you’ll be doing a good deed by aiding Cancer research.  

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