Renee Stahl – The Heartbreaking Beauty Of “Every Tear Is A Prayer”

Renee Stahl

Renee Stahl has made an impact with fans across a wide swath in the world of music. As one half of the family-friendly duo ‘Renee & Jeremy’ (w/Jeremy Toback of the band Brad) and with her own project ‘Renee & Friends,’ the Los Angeles based singer/songwriter has connected with millions of children and their parents. As a solo artist she has spent the better part of two decades creating smart, thoughtful Indie Pop, Folk and Dance music.

“Every Tear is a Prayer” is the latest solo single from Renee Stahl, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 2, 2021. The track is a deeply personal, gorgeous mix of Ambient music and Dream Pop. Written as a love letter to the singer’s dying father, the song lives in the surreal and tranquil place between recognition and grief familiar to anyone who has watched a loved one pass away. 

Musically, “Every Tear is a Prayer” floats on a cloud of swirling ambient synths. Dreamy, minimalist piano and guitar chords slowly fall into place. The entire sound exists suspended in time, somewhere between the Earth and the clouds. Renee sings softly, almost whispering. A sort of Zen-like wisdom permeates the song as she sings, “If I could just stay here in the moment, I’d never leave.” She offers comfort and advice to her father and herself, “Let go of everything you think you know.” 

As the tears flowed, I was reminded of a Native American teaching that the spirit remains in this realm for four days gathering energy from the love, tears and grief of loved ones, until it can let go.

Renee Stahl

Watch the video for “Every Tear is a Prayer,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Renee Stahl and stay in tune with all of her many musical projects.






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Renee Stahl
Renee Stahl