F R Music Project featuring Rich Allen “Romeo Cowboy”

The F R Music Project is the brainchild of two friends living in Tampa, Florida. Fred Schmid and Rich Allen formed the group in 2017 as a vehicle for sharing the stories of their lives with friends, fans and the music community at large. The sound, style and genre of their music is a moving target. From raw barn burning rockers to wistful folk tunes, the duo plays their songs in whatever fashion the story dictates.

They don’t work in a void. Rich is active in the local music scene and the New Jersey native even fronts his own Reggae/Rock band. As the F R Music Project is built with community and diversity in mind, they regularly include myriad musicians in the process. 

We believe in opening the project to other musicians and allowing them to bring their own musical genius to the songs that we write, produce and perform. 

Rich Allen

“Romeo Cowboy” is the latest single from the F R Music Project, released to all major streaming services on February 9, 2021. As the title suggests it is a classic Country love song. Built on a Nashville-style groove, the song features a full complement of honky-tonk musicians. Acoustic, electric and steel guitars twang while a fiddle plays the hook. A Hammond organ fills the horizon as Rich Allen sings a true tale of a life-long love. It’s a great tune played by a group of top notch musicians.

Check out the “Romeo Cowboy” video, above. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the F R Music Project. Get in the loop on all of their future musical adventures, including the full length album “Snake in the Grass.” due in June 2021.

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F R Music Project on the Deep Indie playlists