Jose Candelaria’s Heartbreaking Plea “Perdón”

Jose Candelaria is an actor, singer and songwriter based in New York City. A native of the Dominican Republic, he fell in love with the arts at a very young age and made them his life pursuit. Since then he’s made a name for himself across the entertainment industry. He has acted in mainstream Hollywood movies, appeared on American Idol and is the lead singer for the renowned New York City Salsa-Rock Band Descarrilao. He has toured the world with the band and on his own, with recent solo gigs in the UK and Mexico.

“Perdón” is the debut solo single from Jose Candelaria, released worldwide in 2020 to all major streaming services. The Spanish language song is a dynamic piece that builds in musical and emotional intensity as it progresses. The song opens as a quiet and heartfelt piano/guitar ballad. Jose sings to his estranged love, “I try to understand what happened with our love, why did it end?” However, as the story unfolds he assumes all of the guilt for the split, confessing that he spent too much time on his career. By the time he reaches the chorus his whispered confession turns to a powerful plea, “te pido, perdón.” (I ask for forgiveness)

Musically the song builds from it’s early melancholy to include deep EDM synths and a gradually more intense beat. By the final verse Jose’s impressive vocal skills introduce a wild mix of salsa rhythms and a Latin-tinged House beat. It’s a great sound and at the heart of it all is a singer whose skill is matched only by the passion in his performance. Check out the lyric video for “Perdón,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Jose Candelaria. Get in the know on all of the upcoming projects from this multi talented artist.






Jose Candelaria on the Deep Indie playlists

Jose Candelaria