Ygbalenciaga’s Hypnotic “Hard Times”


Ygbalenciaga is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Houston, Texas. Since making his debut in 2020 with the single “Heat,” the prolific artist has released a steady stream of new music. In that short time the rapper has dropped over a dozen singles and a seven track EP. He has a unique sound that combines elements of Hip-hop, R&B and Psychedelia. 

“Hard Times” is the latest single from Ygbalenciaga, released worldwide on February 8, 2021. The track is a cool and creative mix of musical styles. Rolling on a downtempo beat of Trap hi-hats and a Glitch style kick and snare groove, the song is a psychedelic Hip-hop slow jam. An old-school R&B/Soul piano carries the tune as ancillary synths, guitars and samples paint periphery. 

Meanwhile the rapper delivers a laid back stream of consciousness tale. He looks nostalgically back to better times and compares them to his current hard times of loneliness and drug use. It’s a cool and hypnotic sound as he spins a circular vocal rhythm around the beat. Guest vocalist Bri Carter continues the trippy vibe with a soulful response to Ygbalenciaga’s lament. Chill music, deep delay and some well placed backing harmonies keep the vibe surreal.

Check out “Hard Times,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Ygbalenciaga. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this exciting new artist.





Ygbalenciaga on the Deep Indie playlists