Vega Missile’s Deep Sci-Fi Techno Mystery

Vega Missile is an enigmatic new character in the EDM world. The otherwise anonymous composer/producer made his debut in 2020 with single “Expansion.” That song set the scene for the artist’s world of modern techno with a retro twist, Sci-fi artwork of some far-off dystopian future and a general air of mystery. Since then the multimedia creator has dropped 9 more singles, each deepening the Space Age riddle with hybrid electronic sounds and graphic novel-worthy visuals.

After perusing the Vega Missile website we now know that the ten singles released so far are all leading up to the completion of his debut concept album. When the collection is complete we are sure to know more about the story behind the sounds and images we’ve seen. However, for now the riddle continues to unfold.

Warmongers” is an epic addition to the collection. The artist describes the style as ‘French Electronica’ and it features elements of Synthwave, Disco House and Trance. The 8:18 song feels like the score to a retro-futuristic film. And that is exactly the aesthetic Vega Missile is going for. The track is a slow burn of ambient moods and a driving beat that builds to a wall of synths before falling back to a stripped down synthwave mix at the halfway point. That groove too picks up over the course of the second act and swells to a cinematic climax. 

Throughout the song a disembodied cybernetic female voice drops cryptic single word interjections and short phrases. We don’t know what’s happening, but we know something is. The entire Vega Missile vibe feels like a secret to which we are slowly becoming privy. It’s some great music delivered as part of a larger, gradually unfolding story. Check out “Warmongers,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the mystery.





Vega Missile on the Deep Indie playlists

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