Loudpack Lo Drops New EP #Road2Mainstream

Loudpack Lo

Loudpack Lo is the professional name of Omar Holt Jr. He’s been making a name for himself in the Hip-hop world since his debut in 2017. Some of Lo’s songs count their streaming numbers in the millions across multiple platforms. In just the past year the prolific rapper has delivered over a dozen singles, a full album and an EP.

Born and raised in Washington D.C, the 28 year-old emcee raps about his hard life growing up, the reality of life on the streets and his strong political opinions. With songs like “F**K MAGA!” he rightfully directs most of his vitriol at our recently defeated Criminal in Chief. Omar has been making music since he could walk, learning the ropes from folks in his family. 

I used to watch my cousins Trouble, Stink & Isaac rap, all the other kids running around playing with toys and I’m standing in the middle of they cypher, been in love with music since.

Loudpack Lo

“#Road2Mainstream” is the latest release from Loudpack Lo. The EP finds the artist showcasing his unique style and skilled flow over the course five songs. He hits hard against the racists and thugs who have been on our screens and in our lives far too often in recent years. It’s not all political though. Lo fits a bit of romance in the record as well.

The title track opens the EP with Loudpack rapping and singing to his “baby” over a chill lo-fi beat, accented by some deep bass swells. “Top Dog” picks up the tempo a bit with a funky beat that is one part Trap and one part old school. A groovy flute loop and a bit of Grime bass adds a psychedelic feel. Meanwhile the rapper takes aim at racists and haters.

“Secret Admirer” has some fun with a slow jam vibe, mixing a sampled R&B piano ballad and Loudpack Lo’s rhymes. “Proud Boys Who?” rolls on a slow Trap beat as piano arpeggios float on the edge of the mix. Lyrically the artist pulls no punches coming at the racist punks of the title and their Presidential leader. Holt closes out the record with the chill bluesy guitar and smooth R&B vibes of “Love of Lust.”

Check out Loudpack Lo’s “#Road2Mainstream,” below. You can also hear the track “Top Dog” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and provocative artist.






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