Attlus On The Beautiful Zen Of Being Alive

Attlus describes himself simply as, “a humble multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre music producer.” The mononymous artist is humble indeed. We see a lot of multi-instrumentalists around here but few who are as skilled on as many instruments as he. Since 2018 he has been releasing a steady stream of music ranging from ambient Pop to Modern Rock, and doing most of the heavy lifting himself.

“Alive” is a recent single and video by Attlus, available on all major streaming services. The song is a beautiful bit of melodic Indie Pop/Rock showcasing the artist’s broad instrumental abilities, insightful songwriting and radio-ready vocal skills. Lyrically the track is a meditation on growing, aging and an appreciation of simply existing. After a bit of self conscious criticism in the first verse he soon finds his Zen as he sings, “Street lights in water riding down the glass on my way back reminds me that I’m still alive.”

At the heart of the track are Attlus’ mesmerizing, interwoven guitars. Melodic riffs and ringing, chiming chords create a lovely and hypnotic vibe. As the song progresses the guitar/bass/drums arrangement expands to include keys and ancillary percussion. It’s a great sound, made all the more impressive by the fact that Attlus is playing most of the instruments himself. His only accompaniment comes during the final instrumental stanza in which his friend Dragmuse delivers a triumphant trumpet lead.

Check out Attlus doing his thing on a whole bunch of instruments in the video for “Alive,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this versatile and talented artist.






Attlus on the Deep Indie playlists