Queen Eleonora’s First Pop Across The Ocean

Queen Eleonora is a new name on the Pop scene, making her debut with the SoundCloud single “Across the Ocean.” Although this is her first release, the multifaceted singer, songwriter and producer draws from a lifelong love of music spanning the full spectrum of genres. The Italian-Danish 21 year-old grew up listening to Jazz, Rock and Classical music.

“Across the Ocean” is a wildly creative synthwave Euro-Pop tune. Buried within the song’s deceptively simple and sugary sound is an emotionally complex tale of love and longing. The singer’s upper register and intentionally over-modulated vocals give the track a surreal, cybernetic quality as she sings an escapist fantasy about leaving with her “baby” across the ocean. Musically the song is built around an infectious melody and a smart, classic Pop chord progression carried by a bouncing, sawtooth analog synth bass groove.

Queen Eleonora describes her bubblegum Scandanavian Pop sound as having a “deliberately kitsch vibe,” intended as a facade which thinly veils a more complex narrative. The aesthetic is influenced by decades of Soul, R&B, New Wave, Art-Pop and Mainstream Pop music. It is a cool bit of intentional fluff from an songwriter with layers of depth beneath the veneer. To complete the artist profile, her official press release adds, “She’s also gay af.”

Check out “Across The Ocean,” below. Queen Eleonora does not have any social presence yet, but you can follow her SoundCloud to get in the loop on all of the future releases from this exciting new talent.


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