Voice Monet Is Here To Challenge Your Hip-hop Expectations

Voice Monet is a multifaceted and uniquely talented Hip-Hop artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, chef and podcaster, she is a creative soul who has been sharing her gifts since childhood. She signed her first contract with a talent agent in Los Angeles at the age of 5 years-old. It was the beginning of a lifelong artistic journey.

Since 2005 Voice Monet has produced a string of original singles, EPs and full length albums spanning the many permutations of modern Hip-hop and incorporating multiple genres along the way. In 2020 Monet entered a new phase of creativity, releasing half a dozen singles in just the past year. She recently shared her three newest tracks with The Static Dive.

Collective” is the most recent single from Voice Monet, released worldwide on February 12, 2021 to all major streaming services. The track opens with a rich chorus of R&B vocal harmonies. Once the mellow, downtempo beat drops, the song slides into a cool Psychedelic feel. Ethereal synths and vocals spin in the periphery as Voice riffs on personal responsibility and the power of unity.

Forty Below” rides on a classic Trip-hop groove. A simple and very chill bass and drum beat rolls as the rapper delivers a bold commentary on the complexities of faith and the hypocrisy of those who call themselves faithful. She calls them out unequivocally as she rhymes, “I’m speaking on those tempted, who took the knowledge and wisdom and pimped it.” It’s smart stuff set to a great beat.

Dynamite 2.0” touches on some of the same Trip-hop and psychedelic vibes of the previous two tracks, but this time viewed through a distinctly Jazz lens. Smooth electric piano and bass riffs loop over a funky 90’s style Hip-hop beat. Lyrically, Voice Monet takes a more personal turn, rhyming on the minefield that is romantic love.

Check out the “Dynamite 2.0” video, below. You can hear all three tracks on the Deep Indie Dive playlists. Follow the links below the video to connect with Voice Monet. Get on her profiles and her website. Get in the know on all of the current and future projects from this vastly talented and dynamic artist.







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