Ragnar Ægir Dives Deep Beneath The Surface

Ragnar Ægir

Ragnar Ægir is an Icelandic singer, songwriter and producer making his international debut in 2021. However, the 30-year old artist is no newcomer to music. As a child he took piano lessons as a way to ditch Math class. As his abilities grew, so did his passion. After graduation he moved to Scotland to study music production.

The young musician ultimately became disillusioned with the formality of the business and moved back home. He took an extended hiatus from music and got on with life. Years passed until a series of life changing events brought him to an epiphany. Ragnar realized that music was his true calling. He went on a marathon songwriting spree, composing ten tunes in two months. Now he has set out to bring his new music to the world.

“The Surface” is the debut single from Ragnar Ægir, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 18, 2021. In many ways the song is the soundtrack to the singer’s own recent shift in professional direction. Set to upbeat bass/drum/piano rhythm, the track takes on a broad and dramatic mood with a cinematic production accented by sweeping strings and synths. Meanwhile, Ragnar sings of rediscovering his true self. The song has a timeless Pop feel with an immediately memorable melody and relatable lyrics. 

Fans of the History channel’s hit show “Vikings” will recognize the star of the song’s video. Ragga Ragnars played Gunnhild on the popular historical fantasy. In ‘The Surface’ she portrays a young business woman facing an existential crisis. She eventually sheds the chains of her unhappy life, a decision symbolized in the film by an icy swim in the North Atlantic. It is a moving scene. The choice of setting is not by chance. Ægir’s home country and the sea that surrounds it are central to the artist’s life. 

There is nothing more magical for me than the sea. I grew up with the Atlantic coastline on my doorstep. The sound of the sea is one continuous roar, heavy, deep, dark, somber. At its height you feel it come from the earth beneath your feet. 

Ragnar Ægir

Check out the video for “The Surface,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Ragnar Ægir. Get on his profiles and get in the loop on all of the new music on the way from this talented and dynamic artist.





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