Rory Sturgeon’s Soulful New “Changes In Time”

Rory Sturgeon is an 18 year-old UK singer, songwriter and pianist making his debut in 2021. The talented young artist was introduced to home recording on his most recent birthday when his parents purchased him the ProTools DAW (digital audio workstation) software. A bedroom producer was born. Soon Rory got down to the business of recording his first songs.

“Changes in Time” is the debut EP from Rory Sturgeon, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 15, 2021. The record is the sound of a young man entering adulthood and seeing the passage of time from a new perspective. Through the course of the four song set Rory laments the losses of the past, embraces the beauty of the present and looks toward the possibilities of the future. He delivers all of the above with a songwriting and performance maturity that belies his young age.

The record opens with “Slow Down Time,” a slow and jazzy R&B jam about finding Zen in the present moment. The mellow electric piano groove is paired with a funky Lo-fi Hip-hop beat and features a nice bluesy solo. “Summer Nights of June” is at the emotional heart of the record. The beautiful solo piano/vocal ballad is an open letter to Rory’s friend who passed away. It is a heartbreaking tale told in the singer’s distinctive conversational and soulful style.

“Like to Know You” looks at the possibilities of a new love over a slow piano arpeggio groove. The record ends on the cool electric piano moods of “Never Wanna Say Goodbye.” The clean, unaffected recording shines a light on Rory’s naturally soulful voice and musicianship.

Check out the “Changes in Time” EP, below. You can also hear “Summer Nights of June” on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Rory Sturgeon and get in the know on all of the music this exciting young artist has planned for the future.




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