Men From Venus’ Deep Chill Of Midnight Ruse

Men From Venus

Men From Venus is a songwriting and recording duo from the UK. Dami Banire and Robin Norrish debuted in 2020 with their single “HMS” as they set out to create smooth chillout music intended to help people cope with these difficult times. The two multi-instrumentalists combine guitar grooves with ambient synth moods for their genre-fluid laid back tunes. Their list of influences includes artists from across the spectrum of popular music; Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti, Kid Cudi and King Krule. They mix these psychedelic and soulful inspirations into a distinctly unique sound.

“Midnight Ruse” is the new EP by Men From Venus, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 1, 2021. The 5 song collection builds upon and further defines the group’s mellow vibe. Throughout the record the duo pairs ethereal synths with melodic guitar chord progressions. Their instrumental tracks set dreamy scenes for vocal takes that include poetic recitations, philosophical meditations and melodic soul moods. 

The record opens with the sleepy expanse of “Night of Memories,” which gradually evolves into a downtempo dance groove. “Sweet Sarah” is a cool bit of experimental R&B, with a Lo-fi Hip-hop beat and a healthy dose of Synthwave. Men From Venus use retro, analog synths and drum machines sounds all over the EP to great effect, invoking a familiar and classic feel. 

“Zamboni” is a real highpoint, matching an old-school electronic Bossa Nova beat with some really slick guitar playing and a chill, bilingual male/female duet. The record closes on two hypnotic dream sequences. “RNC-3” is a trippy meditation on a chromatic riff and spaced out keys. “What I Need” is a sleepy, stream of consciousness R&B slow jam.  The latter features plenty of tasty, bluesy guitar noodling. 

We’re getting deep into the second stressful year of a less than stellar decade. The new EP, “Midnight Ruse” by Men From Venus provides a perfect opportunity to quiet the mind and find 13 minutes of peace. Check it out, below. You can also hear the song “Zamboni” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Men From Venus and get in the loop on all of their current and future projects.






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