Myyora’s New Multi-Genre Soul “Run”


Myyora is multifaceted and multi-genre singer, songwriter and musician. The talented young international artist splits her time between the urban scenes of London and the French countryside. Born in the UK to Congolese parents, her diverse origins are reflected in her lifestyle and her sound.

In 2020 Myyora debuted her unique vibe with the single “After Eight,” a wildly eclectic ode to the city by the Thames. She followed with uplifting and complex “Good Times.” With these initial singles she introduced her smart, soulful and adventurous sound to hundreds of thousands of fans on multiple platforms.

“Run” is the latest single from Myyora, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 12, 2021. Once again the versatile singer surprises with a song that simultaneously pulls inspiration from multiple musical genres. As the first few piano chords flow into the mix, the singer breathes a smoky soul into the song. From just those first few bars we hear her vocally traversing Jazz phrasings and Pop melodies. Then the beat drops and we are off, running with her through a mix of dance and world music rhythms.

Lyrically, running works as a metaphor throughout the song for Myyora’s passion to experience life. Over a driving kick drum and conga beat she expertly navigates a fluid and ever changing melody. Low piano chords and ambient synths set an organic yet expansive scene. The song is a bouillabaisse of musical styles yet maintains a singular and cohesive vibe. That is in large part thanks to the talented and inviting singer at the heart of the mix. We willingly follow as she runs toward whatever the song and life have in store.

Check out “Run,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Myyora. Get on all of her profiles and keep up as she runs to the many musical adventures in her future.





Myyora on the Deep Indie playlists