Adrian Aguilera Drops New EP “MidKnight”

Adrian Aguilera is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from the Midwest with an experimental vibe. Born in Fort Wayne Indiana and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the rapper, singer, songwriter and producer came to love music and writing at an early age. As a young poet he would pair his rhymes with instrumental music of all styles. He carried that adventurous creative spirit forward as he got older and began producing his own tracks.

Although Adrian only began releasing his original music last year, he quickly made up for lost time. Since his 2020 debut he has dropped dozens of tracks to SoundCloud as well as his debut album “Dark Knights and Sleepless Tales.” Over the course of the year he has also released a series of singles to a wider audience on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.    

“MidKnight” is the brand new 6 song EP from Adrian Aguilera, released to all major streaming services. On the record we find the young creator exploring downbeat grooves and his unique freestyle flow. The record opens with the classic 70’s R&B/Soul of “Lifted.” Adrian rhymes about his dedication to the grind as the beat lays down a chill mood. The track takes a cool Jazz turn with an acapella break and some slick muted saxophone.

“Ectotherm” follows with a low and slow Trap beat featuring psychedelic synths and stream of consciousness rhymes. On “Pesos” Adrian takes a turn back to a Jazz-hop feel, dropping Slam poetry as a sampled be-bop trio lays down a cool groove. “5 AM” continues the multi-genre experimentation combining a Trap beat with with a grungy UK Grime-style deep bass. “Top” takes a turn into a cinematic sound before the record turns back to a hard 808 beat on the last track. The record closes on “Gravity,” a hard Rap/Trap beat with Adrian dropping his signature rapid-fire clever wordplay.

“MidKnight” is a great record from a talented young artist. Check out the “Ectotherm” video below. You can also hear the track “Lifted” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Adrian Aguilera. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





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Adrian Aguilera on the Deep Indie playlists