Haitian Doll Drops New Teenie Weenie Remix

Haitian Doll is a new name in Hip-hop but she is already making a big splash. Her debut single “Teenie Weenie” came out in 2020 and has racked up hundreds of thousands of spins on multiple platforms. The ambitious young rapper is determined to take the music business by storm with a an unapologetically fiery attitude, hardcore rhymes and killer technique.

The artist counts the heroes of female Hip-hop as her primary influence. Growing up, she learned the ropes by listening to legends like; Left Eye, Missy Elliott, Eve and Lil’Kim. She has also found inspiration in the work of Pop stars like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Shakira. However, at the heart of her sound and soul are her proud Haitian roots.

The rapper recently dropped a brand new ‘Divided Souls’ remix of her hit, “Teenie Weenie.” The slow and sexy groove matches a downtempo Hip-hop beat with funky bass guitar riffs and subterranean 808 bass hits. The deep, dark tone generator rumble sets a deep floor for Haitian Doll’s NSFW narrative about all the things she plans to do to your man. Meanwhile, cool and dark keys and ambient backing vocal swells paint the periphery to create mellow and trippy mood.

Check out the “Teenie Weenie Remix” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. You can also watch the original single’s video below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Haitian Doll. Get in the know on everything this fast rising star has planned for the future.





Haitian Doll on the Deep Indie playlists

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