aceyxngcxspxr’s Hard Trap L*F3$tYL3

aceyxngcxspxr is an Alternative Hip-hop artist from New York. Despite the fact that he has only recently made his debut, the rapper is quickly making up for lost time. So far he has already released five singles just this year. Hip-Hop fans across the globe are reacting. Each of his tracks on SoundCloud counts its number of spins in the tens of thousands. His first single “Cxnnxct!” has over 500K listens.

His songs are autobiographical in nature. They tell the story of a young man growing up in New York with minimal resources and a drive to succeed. Although he is just now going public with his music, aceyxngcxspxr has been writing rhymes since he was just 9 years-old. He credits transformative artists like; Biggie Smalls, Lil Wayne, Lloyd Banks and Ghostface Killah as his primary influences.

“L*F3$tYL3” is the latest single from aceyxngcxspxr, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 19, 2021. The track is a hard Trap groove about living the lifestyle. 8-bit Arcade music and synthwave elements meet an 808 beat for a dark electronic effect. As trippy background vocal effects bounce around in the mix, Ace delivers a deadly serious monotone rap about money, drugs and women.

My music is based on events, things in my life, my mindset or shit ive been going through. 


Check out “L*F3$tYL3” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with aceyxngcxspxr. Get on his profiles and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects.





aceyxngcxspxr on the Deep Indie playlists