Gigaknot’s Experi-mental Love


Gigaknot became a thing in 2020. That’s when Twitch personality and gamer Markus Andrew decided to level up his music production hobby and release his first EP “Things We Learn From.” That record was a collection of Lo-fi and Synthwave instrumentals. From track to track we could hear the artist finding and defining his sound. Soon afterward, Markus further evolved his vibe through collaboration.¬†

Andrew and vocalist Gianna Juliet dropped the excellent, jazzy Lo-fi breakup song “Broken” in December of last year. The duo followed shortly afterward in January with the flip side of that sentiment. “Heartbeat” found the singer quietly, pensively optimistic about a new love. Juliet is exceptional on both tunes. Gigaknot had clearly found his footing and hit his stride. The two singles represented a confident and mature experimental style that combined downtempo electronic vibes with Lo-Fi R&B and Hip-hop grooves. The producer had found his sound.

“Experi-mental Love” is the new 6-song EP from Gigaknot, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 13, 2021. The record is the culmination of months of work. In that time the producer worked with different singers¬†from around the world to create a rich collection of introspective lyrics and mellow vibes.

The record opens with “Intro/Hope,” and instrumental piano/synth piece that toys with lo-fi Hip-hop beats and a little bit of a House groove at times. The soulful R&B/Pop of “Trust Me” follows. Vocalist Bobby Bonev gives a smooth, Michael Jackson inspired performance as he assures his lover that he’s got their back. Meanwhile Gigaknot strikes the perfect balance between creative experimentation fidelity to the groove. That is really the story throughout the appropriately titled “Experi-mental Love.” Gigaknot paints rich and unique backdrops for these tales of love, heartbreak and longing.

“Heartbeat” follows with Gianna Juliet’s pristine harmonies and Markus’ chill beat. “Fall/Interlude” is a hypnotic Ambient Electronic instrumental featuring a really nice Jazz-infused chord progression and just a touch of Glitch drums. “Off Center” is maybe the most adventurous track on the record. Guest vocalist Lachlan Reeves sings and raps a Dark Pop meditation on the trap of alcoholism. The tune rolls on a cool downbeat groove that mixes elements of Trap, Hip-hop and Grime to create a wild Tricky-style Trip-hop feel. The record ends where this journey began, on that first heartbreaking single “Broken.”

“Experi-mental Love” is the sound of a talented young artist who has found his groove. It’s a great record. Listen to it in its entirety below. You can also hear “Fall/Interlude” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist and “Off Center” on the Deep Indie Dive. Follow the links below to connect with Gigaknot and get in the loop on all the current and future projects from this exciting new talent.







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