Margarita Shamrakov – The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Margarita Shamrakov - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told
Margarita Shamrakov – The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

We first heard from Margarita Shamrakov in July of 2020 upon the release of her single “iHop Love.” That song introduced us to a unique, wildly creative and musically sophisticated talent. Shamrakov is a musician, songwriter and producer based in New York City. The Ukraine native is an accomplished singer, pianist and educator. Over the past decade she has released a steady string of smart, genre-defying Pop music.

“The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” is the latest single from Margarita Shamrakov, released this week to SoundCloud and YouTube. The song finds the singer alone at her piano, recounting a tragic love tale. Throughout each verse she sings of her undying devotion. With Shakespearean imagery she sings of drinking “poison in full” for her love. In the chorus the story turns tragic with the simple phrase, “But when you wake up, I won’t be here.”

Musically the song features Margarita’s signature Classical and Jazz infused piano. She both composes and performs with virusoic precision and soul. A beautifully melodic arrangement of arpeggios weave in between each breath of her heartfelt and soulful vocal performance. Ambient synths, strings and vocal samples paint the periphery. The emotionally complex piece will really strike a chord with fans of artists like Regina Spektor or St. Vincent.

Check out “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told” below. And follow the links below the video to connect with Margarita Shamrakov. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this vastly talented and multifaceted artist.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

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