Katrina Kusa’s Defiant & Uplifting “Rising”

We first heard from Katrina Kusa in August of last year upon the release of her single “Ta$te It.” That track found the 16 year-old musician, actor and children’s book author tackling a hard Hip-hop/Pop sound with famed producer Indian Trap. The song went viral, earning millions of streams across multiple platforms. The singer followed in November with the EDM-infused Pop of “Two Times.” That song too performed well and helped further define the young artist’s new creative direction.

With success comes scrutiny, and Katrina received more than her fair share after “Ta$te It” blew up. The backlash from a vocal minority of haters would have been difficult for any artist to deal with. However, Katrina refused to let it bring her down. Instead she is responding with a brand new song that addresses her critics head-on.

“Rising” is the latest single from Katrina Kusa, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 19, 2021. On the track the singer responds to the negative feedback with a defiant tone as she sings, “I’m gonna rise up, I’m rising, rising, rising, all that smack you talked you thought it’d bring me down, you tried it.” The song has a great Pop groove that combines a piano ballad with a Trap beat and an infectious “Riiise-up” hook. Although she is addressing negativity the ultimate vibe is positive and uplifting as she invites others to share in her confidence.

I feel like this song relates to me the most from my everyday life. The story behind the lyrics actually consists of true scenarios I had to deal with. I hope many people will relate to the same things I have been through and see that they are not in this alone.

Katrina Kusa

Check out Katrina Kusa’s self produced visualizer video, below. You can also hear “Rising” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting young artist.




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