Purple Penchant’s Powerful Commentary On The Media “Gotta Say The News”

Purple Penchant

Purple Penchant is an Alternative Rock band out of New Delhi, India featuring the creative team of drummer/composer Avik Roy, and lead vocalist/bassist Bhanu Sharma. The socially conscious duo uses their art to shine a light on important socio-political issues facing their country and the world today.

“Gotta Say The News” is the debut single and video from Purple Penchant. The film follows the story of Addhiraj Kaatoch, an earnest and honest reporter covering the bizarre story of a strange man in a creepy baby mask who is turning the citizens of India into zombies.

As he rises through the ranks of his career he faces pressure from his superiors to sensationalize and capitalize on the story, which he does. He becomes a celebrity thanks to the story. The saga comes to a head when he is finally able to reveal the baby’s identity on television. In a twist he finds that he himself is the one zombifying the populace. He is the baby and the news is the poison.

Musically “Gotta Say The News” rides on a mellow Indie Rock groove with a healthy dose of Classic Rock guitar. Sharma delivers the song’s catchy hook over a wall of rocking electric guitars. The track is a reaction to the band’s view of the current state of the news media in India. They were inspired to write the song by the mainstream media’s disregard of the plight of India’s farmers, despite an epidemic of over 300,000 farmer suicides directly tied to unfair government regulations. 

Today 90% of our television media are just mouthpieces for the government, promoting their every word and deflecting their failures. 

Purple Penchant

Check out the “Gotta Say The News” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Media bias is a serious issue around the world. Follow the links below the video to connect with Purple Penchant and join their fight for truth.






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