Tafkae’s New Look At “Life Is Good”

Tafkae is an up and coming producer and DJ from Spokane, Washington. He began producing his own music about two years ago. In that time he has released a series of remixes as well as his own original compositions. He finds inspiration in informal collaborations with musicians in the Spokane music scene, as well as in the music of mainstream artists like The Weeknd.

His most recent project is a remix/cover of the 2020 hit “Life is Good” by Drake and Future. If you are unfamiliar, the original song is unusual in that it is really two songs in one. Each artist takes his turn. Drake has the first half and Future the second. The two halves sound dramatically different, each with its own tempo, flow, melody and refrain. Tafkae’s version changes it up by creating a complete song based solely on Drake’s more melodic first half of the song.

I was inspired to make this tune because I really liked certain parts of the song but wanted to add a bassline and my own twist on the vocals themselves. Basically I wanted to change it to sound the way I liked it, and maybe you will too.


Check out his version of “Life is Good” below. Tafkae has a lot of new music planned for release in the near term. Follow the links below to connect. Get in the loop on all of this talented new artist’s current and future projects.

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