Mary Bleeds’ Deep Dark Psychedelia “Seal”

Mary Bleeds is a new Alternative Rock band formed in Dublin, Ireland with an alchemical sound that mixes the dark psychological drama of Grunge with Classic Rock psychedelia and a modern Indie aesthetic. Their self-titled debut album is due to be released on May 31, 2021.

For one weekend this winter the band holed up in the studio, plugged in their amps and hit record. The new album was recorded live to analog tape between December 18th and 19th. UK producer and engineer Julie McLarnon was at the helm. As a document of that process, and as a teaser for the upcoming album, the band has released a mesmerizing new live performance video of their song “Seal.”

The track opens with a Nirvana meets U2, rumbling, percussive bass and drum rhythm. Leticia Ledoux’s bass remains the heartbeat of the song throughout the track. An electric guitar flows into the mix with ever increasingly psychedelic vibes. Guitarist Paolo weaves together Andy Summers-style delay effects, Hendrix blues bends and Jimmy Page “Dazed And Confused” freakouts for a wildly trippy sound.

As the band rolls on that ethereal groove, vocalist Guilherme delivers a dark meditation on psychological cruelty and the trauma of growing up in fear of God, religion and the adults responsible for the torment. In both tone and composition, his poetic stream of consciousness narrative of biblical imagery and disturbed childhood memory lands stylistically somewhere between David Byrne and Jim Morrison. Ultimately the song builds to an emotional pinnacle as the singer’s story devolves into a Cobain-like repetitive howl of the word, “deprived!” It is hypnotic.

Watch the excellent live video “Seal” below. You can also hear the band’s recent single “Riddle” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Mary Bleeds and get ready for their debut album. Head over to Bandcamp now to be one of the 300 lucky fans who will pre-order a copy of the record on vinyl.







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