Dyno Project Conjures A Cool 70’s Groove

dyno project

Dyno Project is the new recording project from veteran Boston producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Bob (Dyno) DiNozzi. Since the 1960’s Bob has been playing in Rock, Jazz, Blues and Country bands all across the thriving Beantown music scene. His music has brought him far from his hometown as well. In the 1970’s he traveled to Brazil to work as a session bass player in Rio and Porto Alegre with some of that country’s top jazz/pop recording artists.

For his new project, Dyno is calling on those deep 70’s Jazz roots to bring a bit of that grooviest of decades into the modern era. While DiNozzi plays most of the backing tracks himself, he has assembled some of Boston’s top vocalists and instrumentalists to help bring to life his new collection of Jazz/Pop creations. The project is signed to Global Soul Records, with at least 7 new songs planned for release between now and September.

“Dyno’s Gumbo” is the debut single from Dyno Project, released worldwide to all major streaming platforms on March 26, 2021. For three and a half minutes, Bob and his team transport us back to a time when AM radios filled the mid-70’s air with smooth, easy listening Jazz/Pop from the likes of Chuck Mangione and Herb Alpert.

The track rides on Dyno’s funky guitar, bass and keyboard groove. Dave Burdett conjures the perfect trumpet tone from that bygone era as drummer Chet Chester and percussionist David Hoitt lay down a soulful kit and conga rhythm. DiNozzi peppers the otherwise organic scene with flashes of period perfect analog synths. It’s a fun sound that recalls a simpler time of leisure suits and bell bottoms.

Check out “Dyno’s Gumbo” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Dyno Project and get in the loop on all of the sweet sounds of the seventies they have in store.





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