N0va’s Chill New Summer Groove “Drip”

N0va is an up and coming rapper, singer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. He first hit the scene five years ago with the release of his debut album “Lessons and Blessings.” Since that time the prolific artist has produced a remarkable catalog of work including four full length albums and over a dozen singles. His songs have reached fans around the world and many count their streaming numbers in the tens of thousands.

“Drip” is the latest single from N0va, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 26, 2021. The track is an upbeat Hip-hop/Pop groove that brings to mind images of cruising in the summertime with the top down. In a fun, melodic sing-song rhyming style N0va sings the praises of his funky lady. In a sexy and lighthearted narrative he tells the story of his girl who is “famous on the TikTok.” The rapper has a cool laid back delivery as he grooves on a chill Hip-hop beat with flashes of Caribbean flare and classic 808 electronic percussion. It’s a lot of fun and has an infectious Pop hook.

I present to you My new single DRIP! It released on March 26th 🙂 and it’s a bop!!! I hope you enjoy!


Check out “Drip” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with N0va. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of this current and future projects from this exciting rising Canadian star.






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