Death’s Head Moth Dark New “Devil Is Icon”

Death’s Head Moth is a solo American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who brings a unique perspective to the worlds of Rock and Metal. He debuted in 2019 with the nine song collection “Sick World.” Since then, the prolific artist has produced an EP, a full album ad a series of singles. His music lives in some dark corners of modern Rock & Roll. Lyrically he deals with subjects of isolation and disenfranchisement from the world around him. 

In composition and production, Death’s Head Moth matches that aesthetic with a wildly creative mix of Metal, Trap, Emo electronic and acoustic music. He keeps a low profile, promotionally speaking. Despite this his music is beginning to find its niche. Recent singles like “No Friends on My Shore” and “Marry Me at My Funeral” have reached thousands of fans on multiple streaming platforms. And the video for his collaboration with LinLain has a following on YouTube.

“Devil is Icon” is the latest single from Death’s Head Moth, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 30, 2021. A nuanced and emotionally complex track, “Devil is Icon” mixes elements of Screamo, Metal, Darkwave and Goth. Acoustic and electronic drums combine to carry the dark groove as the song flows from quiet whispered moments and music box arpeggios to periods of explosive guitars and powerful vocals wrought with emotion. The singer delivers cryptic lyrics alluding to feelings of loneliness and detachment.

I don’t know how to communicate but I have a lot to say by my music, and really want to bring something different into the rock and metal community.

Death’s Head Moth
Death's Head Moth
Death’s Head Moth

Check out “Devil is Icon” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with this complex and engaging artist.





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