Idarose New Video “When I Don’t Have You”

Idarose is a fast rising Dream Pop/Electronic artist. Already an established name in her local music scene, the South Florida singer, songwriter and producer his quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. Since her 2018 debut single “Talk About You” she has enjoyed a string of viral Internet successes, beginning with that song’s placement on Starbucks’ popular “Coffeehouse Pop Spotify Playlist.”

“When I Don’t Have You” is the latest single from Idarose and the song is already her most popular to date. The track is a sensation on multiple platforms. Since it’s January 27, 2021 release the track has earned nearly half a million spins on Spotify. She has watched her TikTok account grow to over 39,000 followers with the song already reaching 1.7 million views on that platform. Now the she has released the official music video.

Opening with a deep ambient Pop mood, “When I Don’t Have You” finds the singer exploring her own flawed motives and justification for infidelity. In a sensual and seductive tone she sings, “I know it’s wrong but when you’re gone the nights are long. I need someone to hold me when I don’t have you.” Although that may be bad news for her significant other, the listener is treated to a smooth Dream Pop dance track. Riding on a mellow Deep House beat the track shows Idarose’s South Florida roots with a cool Latin rhythm. Meanwhile her sultry vocals and sexy, cinematic video performance draw us deeper into the groove.

Check out the “When I Don’t Have You” video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Idarose. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future releases from this talented young star.







Idarose on the Deep Indie playlists