Mystic Levello Finds An Answer On His New Single “Confused”

mystic levello

Mystic Levello first appeared on The Static Dive just two months ago with the release of his single “Be With You.” With that track we were introduced to a new and enigmatic presence in the Pop music world. The prolific writer and performer has already dropped six more singles in 2021. Each song further defines his mellow and philosophical vibe and classic Adult Contemporary style. 

Through musical meditations on God, personal growth and existential philosophy Mystic Levello’s songs explore love in both the personal and universal sense. From the pantheism of “God’s Everywhere (If God’s Anywhere)” to the liberating romantic love of “Be With You,” the singer contemplates what it means to be alive. Each of these poetic ponderings is set to lush, 70’s Pop inspired ambient arrangements.

“Confused” is the latest single from Mystic Levello, released to all major streaming services on March 27, 2021. In many ways this new release combines the artist’s previous observations into a single unified theory. Once again he views the span of a lifetime and its meaning. However, rather than question that purpose, on “Confused” he seems to have figured it out. Despite the confusion of human existence we are really all working toward a single destination. 

As Mystic Levello sings, “Who are they fooling? Diluting our lives with lies, leading to you,” we are left only to wonder, who is “you?” Maybe it is God, maybe it is a personal love interest or maybe it is ‘Love’ itself that we are seeking. Maybe there is no meaningful differentiation between them at all. Ultimately the message is that our purpose is obvious if we can see past our innate confusion. The song is set to the artist’s signature sound of ambient synths and a chill electric piano playing a classic, melodic Pop composition.

Check out the soft sounds and deep thoughts of “Confused” below. You can also hear the track on both the Deep Indie Chill and Deep Indie Songwriters playlists. Follow the links below to connect with Mystic Levello and get in the know on all of his future releases.







Mystic Levello on the Deep Indie playlists