Blind Season’s New Video – The Torch And The Library

We have watched from the beginning as the Blind Season story unfolded. Since their debut single “The Dark Bedroom” was released in November of last year, the Rock & Roll trio has revealed a deep, dark 90’s Alternative influenced sound. Band leader, guitarist and vocalist Shane Sigro’s lyrics tend toward dark and cryptic scenes from painful memories. It is Rock & Roll as catharsis, in the same vein as Grunge/Alt giants like Kurt Cobain or Billy Corgan.

“The Torch And The Library” is a new single and video from Blind Season. This time the band delivers their signature Indie Rock sound with a slightly sharper Alt/Metal edge. The guitars have a little more Marshall in them. The riffs are a little lower and crunchier. The song rocks hard as Sigro delivers a dark and visual string of memory and imagination.

This was a riff I had for years saved in my phone with the chorus melody hummed with it. I waited on it for so long until a day came where I had nothing else to work on because I knew it would be a fun song. In hindsight the lyrics come across as an “all bets are off” kind of tone which is why it’s the first song on the album

Shane Sigro

Check out the video for “The Torch And The Library” below. It’s a fun bit of behind the scenes footage from the recording studio. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Blind Season. And keep an eye out for the debut album, due later this year.







Blind Season on the Deep Indie playlists

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