Girl No. III’s Wild Fusion & Psychedelia Vibes

Girl No. III

Girl No. III is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto, Canada. The avant garde composer, producer and visual artist creates abstract musical scenes that bend perceived reality to match that of the artist’s vision. That vision pulls inspiration from the surreal, the sublime and the psychedelic for a wild instrumental ride.

On March 5, 2021 Girl No. III released their debut eponymous album. The 11 track collection flows stylistically back and forth between the many flavors of instrumental Electronic, Jazz and Pop music. A skilled musician and arranger, the artist composes with the complexity of a Jazz virtuoso and the absurdity of an art-house abstractionist. Among many others, Girl No. III lists multi-genre visionaries such as Frank Zappa and King Crimson as inspiration. We feel their shadows on this trippy aural adventure in which music theory meets chaos theory.

From the opening classical piano and experimental Synthwave of “Blue Champagne” to the dark, gothic ambience of the epic 15+ minute “An Allusion to an Elusion Illusion,” Girl No. III takes us on a trip through the mind as we explore the human condition. The artist explains, “The album abstractly tells the story of humanity. Starting with our humble beginnings, taking shelter from the rain. To our building of society, to our poisoning of society and to our supposed metaphysical existence in the hereafter.”

Tracks like “The Great Apes’ Grapes Japes” and “Artisanal Art is Null” mix Acid Jazz with experimental electronic music. Wonderfully titled pieces like “Forsake Pete’s Sake for Pete, for Pete’s Sake” and “A Pistol’s Epistle to Epictetus” blend retro synth pop instrumentation with found sounds and Trip-hop beats. Although the record is almost entirely instrumental, songs like “Narcosis” and “Afterthoughts (Would? Adaptation)” mix disembodied, wordless voices into their dark ambient horror-movie soundscapes. Throughout the record, we feel as though we are witness to the private thoughts and internal chaos of a silent observer. 

I always felt like the background characters of the background characters – one of the nameless strangers in the background of a movie.

Girl No. III

The debut album by Girl No. III is an exciting and wildly adventurous fusion of genres and styles that come together to create a beautiful, unique and sometimes disturbing universe of sound. Fans of artists as varied as Boards of Canada, Ween and Pink Floyd will find familiar territory and plenty of surprises. Watch the “Forsake Pete’s Sake for Pete, for Pete’s Sake” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. The self-titled album is the first of four Girl No. III releases planned for 2021. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting new artist and get in the know on all they have in store.






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