Raw Inked’s Soulful Secrets Of Life/Rapture

raw inked

Raw Inked is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Although he is working hard in the rap game, the rapper has a higher calling. Growing up, Raw listened to Hip-hop heroes like Tupac and DMX. In 2014 he launched his own career with the debut EP “I’m Raw.” Since then the rapper has produced an impressive catalog of work, with numerous singles and EPs in the “I’m Raw” series.

Although much of Raw Inked’s early releases were pretty traditional secular Hip-hop, his recent work has carried a deeper meaning. He now uses his music as a vehicle for spreading the Gospel and sharing his religious faith with fans. He pairs old school beats with old time religion on his most recent record.

“I’m Raw 6” is the latest from Raw Inked. The EP was released worldwide to all major streaming services in November 2020. On April 10th of this year he dropped a brand new video that combines the two tracks “Secrets of Life” and “Rapture.” Both songs roll on chill, downtempo Hip-hop beats while soulful R&B background singers and smooth Jazz instrumentation completes the laid back feel.

Although the sound is mellow, the message is deadly serious. In the video we find Raw on the streets of his beloved hometown, preaching the good book. He advises us to follow the path and prepare for the end times. Though the words are fire and brimstone, his delivery is easy and welcoming. It’s a cool groove, and if you’re down with the message then you’ll be sure to dig the tune.

Check out “Secrets of Life / Rapture” below. You can also hear “Secrets of Life” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Raw Inked and get in the loop on all of his current and future releases.






Raw Inked on the Deep Indie playlists