Marta Wiley’s Epic New “Diamond Lover”

marta wiley

Marta Wiley is a remarkably prolific artist working in multiple disciplines. Painter, singer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, speaker, inventor and author, she has a career that has spanned two decades and produced thousands of works of art. Her grandmother taught her to paint when she was just 2 years old. Since then she has produced over 10,000 paintings and grossed millions in sales of posters and prints of her work.

As a musician Marta has released dozens of albums since the early 2000s, often with multiple releases per year. She has written an astounding 2000 songs which have charted Top 20 in USA Music Charts. A successful author as well, Marta has written several #1 Amazon best selling novels including; “The Million Dollar Egg”, “The Water Daughter”, “The Shield & The Eight Immortals”. 

“Diamond Lover is the latest single from Marta Wiley, released worldwide to all major streaming services on January 1, 2021. A dramatic tale of love and obsession in a complicated codependent relationship, “Diamond Lover” tells the story of a twisted romance between the protagonist and billionaire who takes what he wants. The track’s cinematic production combines a classic 60’s tremolo guitar with the orchestral sound of timpani drums, strings and Marta’s own powerful Pop vocals. 

I wrote this song about empathy and narcissism in the world today, about love addiction. It was a big release for me, cathartic really. The song also has a romantic 007 James Bond feel to it so I think it is a HIT!

Marta Wiley

Watch the surreal “Diamond Lover” video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the amazingly talented Marta Wiley. Get on her socials and get in the loop on the endless volumes of current and future projects from this multifaceted creative force.







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