KunD! New Ambient Soul “Moonwalker”


KunD! is Alternative R&B artist who deals in cool ambient moods and deep chill soul vibes. The South Georgia native writes, records, produces and performs his work entirely on his own in his home studio. A talented singer, songwriter and bedroom producer, he creates a unique sound that sits stylistically in a timeless creative space between Michael Jackson’s late 70’s “Off the Wall” era Pop and Frank Ocean’s modern mellow groove.

Since his 2017 debut, KunD! has produced a steady string of singles, the 2019 full length album “Fledgling” and the 2020 EP “O, Solemn Night: The Pvrple Tapes.” Among those releases he has enjoyed numerous successes with tracks tallying hundreds of thousands of spins across multiple platforms. His latest track seems poised to continue that streak.

“Moonwalker” is the latest single from the singer’s “O, Solemn Night: The Pvrple Tapes.” The track is an excellent representation of the KunD! aesthetic, with a cool mix of retro Synthwave ambient keys and plenty of minor-key, Dark Pop soul. The chill downtempo groove sets the scene as the singer delivers a stream-of-consciousness tale about the ominous “Moonwalker” character, in a smooth R&B/Pop tenor, He peppers the sound with a brief foray into a cool falsetto and subtle, atmospheric background harmonies.

Check out “Moonwalker” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with KunD! and get in the loop on all of this talented artist’s current and future projects.





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