Anthony Vacanti’s New Retro Pop Bop “Dolly”

anthony vacanti

Anthony Vacanti is a new singer/songwriter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is making his debut in 2021 with a brand new song. A Buffalo, New York native, the emerging talent showcases his impressive vocal abilities and theatrical flare on his new single “Dolly.” It’s a fun and catchy tune with an eye toward multiple musical eras of the past.

“Dolly” moves back and forth through the decades of popular music. The track opens with Anthony greeting his “doll” in a classic 40s-era Brooklyn accent as he says, “Well, it’s about time. Hey doll!” From there a guitar, bass, drums and piano arrangement kicks into a funky late 50’s Rock & Roll groove. Meanwhile an airtight horn section drops well placed riffs between stanzas.

Vacanti delivers his tale with fun, showtune-worthy showmanship. As the song progresses he and his band drops nuggets of Pop references from 60’s surf guitar and a nod to the 70’s with Chicago-style horns in the chorus. Ultimately the track builds to an 80’s Pop/Rock groove as Anthony sings, “She’s my dolly, dolly, baby doll.” Throughout the track the singer shows an impressive range and confidence not often heard in a debut.

Check out “Dolly” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Anthony Vacanti. Get on his socials and join him as he embarks on this new musical journey.






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anthony vacanti