The Killing Tapes Debut “Real Thing” Video

The Killing Tapes is the professional name of songwriting duo Marcus Crede (Kreatur) and Peter Svensson (Mary Celeste, Hello Hartland). The band formed in 2020 when Marcus played his demo tapes for Peter. Soon they were collaborating on the project and developing the ideas into full fledged songs. It became apparent to both that they were onto something good so they sought out the assistance of the right producer to help them bring their vision to fruition.

They found their answer in Roy Lundberg (Studio Connect). The team got to work on “Black,” the debut album from The Killing Tapes. They decided to record to analog tape to capture the organic vibe of Crede and Svensson’s writing process. The record is a concept album of sorts. Marcus wrote the songs during a particularly difficult period in his life. He chose to use a series of early 90’s murders as the subject matter and metaphor to his own life stories.

BLACK is about grief – hate – vengeance and love. In that particular order. It’s about letting go of yourself and sacrifice everything for the sake of love.

The Killing Tapes

“Real Thing” is the debut single and video from The Killing Tapes’ forthcoming album. Released worldwide to all major streaming services on April 23, 2021 the song tells a dark tale of obsession from the perspective of a predator. Musically the track rides on a classic Alternative Rock groove, mixing a 90’s beat with 80’s analog instrumentation. Marcus and Peter play all of the instruments while vocalist Berlinda Lundberg makes a cool and dramatic cameo in the song’s bridge. It’s a chill and mellow funk with some dark undertones. 

The video for “Real Thing” features some groovy Mod designs and Psychedelic scenes. Check it out below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with The Killing Tapes. Get on their socials, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and get in the loop on their forthcoming debut album “Black.”







The Killing Tapes on the Deep Indie playlists

The Killing Tapes