Crank Moise X Kenta – L Drago

crank moise

Crank Moise is the professional name of aspiring Hip-hop artist Eric Moise. A native of Broward County, Florida, the rapper, songwriter and YouTuber has been making music since he was 13 years-old. Inspired by fellow Pompano Beach artist and superstar rapper Kodak Black, Moise creates video game and anime themed songs and films which he publishes on his SoundCloud page and YouTube channel.

“L Drago” is the latest single from Crank Moise, released to YouTube on April 26, 2021. The song is a collaboration between Moise and producer Kenta. The track pairs a wild mix of circling electronic arpeggios, deep subterranean bass and a slow and hard Trap beat.

 As the groove churns forward Crank Moise punches bars in a Hip-hop narrative inspired by the Japanese “Beyblade” line of anime, toys and games. He drops rhymes describing scenes from a fantasy Beyblade battle. As he comes to the end of the fight the beat shifts to an old-school Hip-hop groove.  

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