Malik Hayes Debuts With A R&B/Hip-hop Vibe On The New Single “Damn See”

Malik Hayes Debuts With A R&B/Hip-hop Vibe On The New Single "Damn See" 1

Malik Hayes is an emerging Hip-hop artist from New York City. He began making music seven years ago when he was just 18 year-old. However, he kept his tracks to himself for a long time. He spent those years working on his craft and learning the ins-and-outs of the business. Now at 25 he has decided to dive into the world of independent music streaming.

“Damn See” is the debut single from Malik Hayes, released to SoundCloud on April 20, 2021. Produced by AndreOnTheBeat, the track opens with an ominous sounding, dissonant guitar and piano intro. Soon the beat drops and we land in a chill downtempo R&B track with a Hip-hop beat that pairs elements of Trap with an old-school Boom Bap rhythm. An ambient R&B vibe sets the tone for Malik’s tale of a failing relationship.

Hayes’ flow is a cool mix of melodic rap and R&B singing. With a laid back tone he recounts the many ways in which his girl is playing him. Finally he has had enough when he catches her posting Instagram videos while ghosting his phone calls. The song’s memorable R&B melody and smooth Hip-hop vibe pull the listener into the story. The singer cites Drake as an inspiration for his sound. We can hear the influence in this track’s chill R&B/Hiphop groove and Malik’s conversational lyrics and soulful delivery.

Check out “Damn See” below. And follow the links below the song to connect with Malik Hayes, Follow his SoundCloud and get in the loop on all of the new music this exciting new artist has planned for the future.

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