Sepsiss Drops New Single “You Already Know”


SEPSISS is a melodic Hard Rock group from Manchester, New Hampshire. The award winning Metal band was founded by lead vocalist/frontwoman Melissa Wolfe and William Savant. They made their debut in 2020 with the album “Almost11.” Since their inception the group has built a diverse fan base across the United States. They call their supporters “swarmies” and connect with them via online karaokes, Facebook groups, podcasts, and live streams.

“You Already Know” is the latest single from Sepsiss, released worldwide to all major streaming platforms on April 30, 2021. In their signature style the band mixes elements of Metal, Alternative Rock and Emo for a hard hitting, fist-pumping rock anthem. The track opens on an infectious Metal guitar riff. In short order, hard core double-kick drum fills enter the mix and Wolfe delivers her captivating multi-octave vocal technique. The Metal groove of the verse is met by an ear-catching chorus marked by multi-part harmonies and a memorable melody. IT’s a great sound from a diversely talented group of musicians.

The band has a stated mission to spread awareness of the many controversial topics at the forefront of our culture in these difficult times. They connect with listeners to foster unity through their music. Check out “You Already Know” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Sepsiss. Get on their socials and join the band and their swarmies on their musical journey into our strange new world.






Sepsiss on the Deep Indie playlists