Aaron Ross & The Peach Leaves New Single “Catch A Glimpse”

Aaron Ross & The Peach Leaves

Aaron Ross is an independent singer/songwriter with a storied career that has spanned two decades. In that time the elusive yet prolific artist has produced an impressive catalog of Rock, Americana, Indie-Folk and Blues. He’s a living legend in the music scene of his hometown of Nevada City, California. 

Fellow Nevada City musician and founding member of the band Farrow & the Peach Leaves, Graham Knibb says of Ross, “You were fifteen and there at the Herb Shop on Pine, or after it burned down it was the Love Shack, sitting cross-legged and there was this sort of unassuming guy up there singing the blues in a way that was mind blowing. It’s still mind blowing. If you’re from here you can relate to that.”

“Catch a Glimpse” is the debut single from the new album “Swan Songs, Volume 1.” On the record, Aaron Ross and Farrow & the Peach Leaves team up to bring new life and a new audience to some fan favorite tracks and deep album cuts from Ross’ vast repertoire. The single, released April 30, 2021 features the County/Rock Peach Leaves (Graham Farrow Knibb on guitar, Zach Peach on drums, Leif Bonfils on Bass, Justin Peach and Keith Knibb on guitar and Hunter Jones on keyboard and pedal steel) and Aaron on lead vocals. 

The band kicks out a Rolling Stones-style barn burner as Ross delivers a bit of Rock & Roll Zen philosophy on the impermanence of life and the importance of being present in the moment. While the band wails with Bluesy open chord abandon, Aaron sings, “It makes no difference where you’re gonna go when you die. You’re here right now. Only you can know the reasons why.”

Due later this year, “Swan Songs, Volume 1” features Indie Rock, Blues and Country classics from an extensive catalog of a Northern California original. Below, check out the “Catch a Glimpse” video from Aaron Ross and Farrow & the Peach Leaves. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with the artists and stay in the loop on all of the music they have on the horizon.





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Aaron Ross & The Peach Leaves New Single "Catch A Glimpse" 1