KB – Till Death Do Us Part


KB and Dark Rose are two best friends from South Africa who have together embarked on a musical career in 2021. The talented 16 year-old Hip-hop duo led off with two successful singles; “Jealousy” and “Devils Lullaby.” Now emcee KB and producer Dark Rose have dropped an impressive debut EP.

“Till Death do Us Part” is the latest from the team. Released worldwide to all major streaming platforms on May 1, 2021, the five song collection is a wildly creative record featuring dark Trap grooves, cool eclectic production and smart rhymes delivered in a smooth flow. The EP is a dual showcase of the rapper’s rapid-fire freestyle skills and Dark Rose’s musical vibe.

The record opens with a trippy mix of ambient synths, old movie music and news footage. “Moe” eventually morphs into low and slow Trap beat. At center stage is KB. Barely stopping to take a breath, he delivers non-stop staccato bars. “Boogeyman” follows, continuing the vibe with a creepy dark beat and KB’s signature quick-witted and rhythmic vocal style.

“Uzumaki” takes a turn at a Bass Trap groove while KB drops hardcore and clever Hip-hop style. Throughout the record the artists employ comedy and a creative use found sounds and private recordings, as on the brief “skit” before the record’s final and most adventurous track, “You Can’t Sit With Us.” Like a Trap version of “Are You Experienced,” the song features a crazy creative beat and a wild reverse backing track. 

Then, as soon as they get you with the hypnotic vibe, the song takes a 180-degree turn with a totally surreal break at the bridge. A loop of slightly maniacal male choir singing a melody of “La-las” plays while a hard Reggaeton/Trap beat bounces hard bass hits and KB delivers some of his best lines yet.

KB’s “Till Death Do Us part” is an excellent debut from a young and talented pair of musicians. Check it out below. You can also hear “You Can’t Sit With Us” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with KB and Dark Rose. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from these promising new talents.



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