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SoundsByFrenk is the product of the talented young producer and ambitious entrepreneur known simply as Franklin. The skilled beatmaker has developed a global site at which Hip-hop artists can find professional quality rap instrumentals. A lifelong music enthusiast, Franklin began making beats at the young age of 12. In the 9 years since, he has worked with over 250+ artists in his career, and the list grows each day. 

With an undying work ethic he has developed his skills through constant practice and a dedication to his craft. With the same commitment to his business, Franklin reinvests his profits back into SoundsByFrenk. The prolific producer releases a brand new beat every single day, even on weekends. 

I am trying to produce a better beat than the day before. Quality is my number 1 priority in life, because I cannot stand hearing a hihat clipping or a kick clashing.

Franklin from SoundsByFrenk

Franklin looks to a number of successful producers and rappers for inspiration. His recent work has been heavily influenced by Australian rapper Masked Wolf, a/k/a Harry Michael. He recently shared a collection of brand new Masked Wolf inspired beats with The Static Dive. The tracks include deep bass Trap grooves, Boom Bap beats, movie samples and even a little Spanish guitar. Check them out here.

Although his music and videos are often high energy, when not in the studio Franklin lives a pretty low key life. He is into meditation,exercise and having some beers with his friends. He also loves talking to fans, clients and music aficionados of all kinds. Follow the links below to connect with Franklin. Get on his Instagram, say hello and head over to SoundsByFrenk to get your beats!

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