Comatose Red Ivy’s Wild World

Comatose Red Ivy is a multi-genre singer, songwriter and rapper with a remarkable back story. Prior to October 16, 2020 she never even considered a life in music. However, on that day her ex poisoned her with cyanide and left her to die. After recovering, Ivy woke with an inescapable need to get on the mic.

Since that sea change, the prolific artist has produced a head-spinning volume of work. In less than a year Comatose Red Ivy has released six full length albums and dozens of singles. Her music ranges from Rap to Rock and Country to Pop. Although she never planned to be a musician, Ivy is a lifelong music fan. Growing up she had a widely diverse list of favorites which include; Nirvana, Snoop Dogg, Violent Femmes, Randy Travis, Taylor Swift, Tool, Elvis. That eclectic musical view is manifest in her own work. She also cites the late Mac Miller as a primary influence on her writing.

Recently, Comatose Red Ivy shared three of her newest tracks with The Static Dive. Ranging from Country to Pop and Hip-hop the collection reflects the artist’s broad range of musical origin. Each song is also a representation of Ivy’s unique, avant-garde style of creating and recording her vocal tracks. Her songs are stream-of-consciousness freestyle raps and melodies. Once she has the backing track ready, she hits the record button and let’s it fly.

None of my songs are written, except like the first 5 or so. Every song after is sung the first try, every time. Front to back from my heart to the microphone. Press stop, hit upload and done. Not a single edit. 

Comatose Red Ivy

Fast Draw (Wild West Freestyle)” is a Country & Western tune set to a Hip-hop beat. A lower register cowboy guitar riff that sounds like the theme from a Spaghetti Western is paired with a low and slow Trap beat. It’s a cool sound. Vocally, Comatose Red Ivy drops a freestyle homicidal fantasy. The song has the vibe of a dark dream sequence narration.  

Magic Carpet Ride (4 2 Freestyle)” comes from a very different place musically. The tune is set to a melodic, guitar driven bit of Indie-Pop. The music sounds like an album track from Slacker Rock/Indie-Folk heroes The Shins. Lyrically Ivy delivers a meditation on love and mortality. The song has a decidedly less murderous vibe than her other work.

As the title suggests, “Die Jason Die (Voorhees Freestyle)” is a dark homicidal Trap fantasy based on the ‘Friday The 13th’ movies. “Being a Dead-Living Psychopathic Killer Clown turned Joker of course I love horror movies. That’s where this song got inspiration from. Believe it’s the first Friday 13th movie where Tommy is repeatedly stabbing Jadon Voorhees and telling, DIE JASON DIE, DIE JASON DIE,” Comatose Red Ivy.

Check out all three tracks below. You can also hear “Magic Carpet Ride (4 2 Freestyle)” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Comatose Red Ivy. Get on her socials and get in the loop on all of the many new tracks coming from this distinctly unique artist.






Comatose Red Ivy on the Deep Indie playlists

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