Hambino Drops 52 Weeks Of Cool Lo-fi Beats


Hambino is a producer, songwriter and rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He started his musical journey in high school when he first picked up the guitar. However, it wasn’t until his college years that he really dove into creating his own songs. Three years ago he made his first beat and hasn’t looked back since.

Recently Hambino committed himself to a “52 Weeks of Lo-fi” challenge in which the beatmaker created a new track each week for a year. The project served two functions. Obviously, any such challenge is excellent practice for any creative person to push themselves and test their limits. In Hambino’s case, the challenge was also therapeutic. Focusing on his music was a way to redirect his thoughts into a positive space.

I have depression and in November of 2019 I was in a really bad place mentally. I also knew I needed to get better at my craft if I wanna be great… so I created the challenge to distract my mind and also help me get better at making music.


Recently the creator shared his “Stay Cruisin” beat with The Static Dive. The track was the week #49 entry in the ’52 Weeks of Lo-fi’ challenge. If the serene, feel-good vibes of this tune from the final weeks of the challenge are any indication, then clearly the project was successful in both creating great beats and soothing the mind. “Stay Cruisin” is a smooth downtempo groove featuring harp, strings and synths for a cool and mellow Jazz mood with an Asian flare. 

The chill Lo-fi Hip-hop beat and will leave you wanting more. Fortunately, Hambino has plenty. Check out “Stay Cruisin” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. And follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get his profiles and cruise over to Spotify to check out all 52 weeks of Lo-fi.





Hambino on the Deep Indie playlists