Comatose Red Ivy Drops A New Rock Record

Comatose Red Ivy Drops A New Rock Record 1

We first heard from Comatose Red Ivy earlier this month upon the release of a series of Hip-hop singles. Releasing music is what Ivy does. The prolific artist has put out dozens of singles, EPs and albums since last year. She claims to have recorded over 2000 songs in the past 6 months. This would be an incredible volume of work for any artist. In the case of Comatose Red Ivy it also represents the birth of her musical career. 

Before October 16th, 2020 Ivy had never picked up a microphone. That was the night she nearly died, poisoned by her ex-boyfriend. She survived, but everything was different. From that point forward, Rikki became Comatose Red Ivy ‘Tranny Psycho Drug Addict Hoor Krazy Klown turned Joker.’ A constant flow of freestyle Hip-hop, Rock and even Country followed.

“ROCK THE NATION: AnavrinTeenageAngst” is the latest EP from Comatose Red Ivy. This time the singer leaned into her inner Grunge rocker. The 6 song collection finds heavy guitars and hard beats backing up Ivy’s signature stream-of-consciousness freestyle lyrical delivery. The singer has an unusual style and an even more unusual recording process. Every song is recorded in a single take with no editing. The lyrics and melody are completely improvised.

This rock album was recorded in my car and in my bathtub. The Razorblade Queen Song was recorded at the gas pump, lol people were tripping, lil tranny bytch going hard on some suicidal morbid lyrics crying and jamming.

Comatose Red Ivy

The tracks on “ROCK THE NATION: AnivranTeenageAngst” pair Alt-Metal riffs and Hip-hop beats for a grungy 90’s sound. That is not a mistake. The album title and cover art are both inspired by Grunge legend Kurt Cobain. ‘Anivran’ is an anagram of ‘Nirvana’ and the album cover is littered with Kurt Easter eggs, from the model’s dirty blonde hair to her striped sweater. There is even a track titled “Lithium.”

The record opens with the Metal riffs and Trap beat of “Comatose Red Ivy (Myself Freestyle).” On the song the singer tells the story of her fateful night. From there the songs move through different Alt-Rock vibes and Hip-hop grooves.  Songs like “I Hate Technology (Surprise Freestyle)” roll on dark Alice in Chains style Grunge. 

Meanwhile, tracks like “Mason Inn Monsters (Ghoul Freestyle)” and the suicide fantasy “Razorblade Queen (Deep Inside Freestyle)” ride slow Hip-hop beats and clean metal guitar, minor-key drama. Throughout the record Ivy assumes the perspective of other personas including her former self, Rikki. It is a trip through an interesting mind.

Check out “ROCK THE NATION: AnivranTeenageAngst” below. You can also hear the track “Lithium (Psycho Freestyle) on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Comatose Red Ivy. Get on her socials and dive into her wild and weird world.






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