Jude Goldforster Is Goin’ To The Land Of Rich And Plenty (Gonna Get There In A Bently)

Jude Goldforster

Jude Goldforster is a Hip-hop artist from the UK. The producer, composer and lyricist has made a name for himself via collaborations with rappers and vocalists around the world. Although Jude originally debuted in 2018, the beatmaker really hit his stride in 2020 releasing over a dozen singles in different styles and genres.

The aspiring producer first became hooked on Hip-hop after seeing the impact Eminem’s music had on his family. Jude recalls, “I remember the time I first played The Marshall Mathers LP. My family all sat around the Hifi with the volume cranked up real high. Then Eminem declares, ‘This is a public service announcement…’ followed by M spitting a mouthful of profanity! At this point my grandad spat his false teeth out and began shouting at me.”

Eventually Jude learned to play a number of instruments by digging into the Funk/Rock of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their music, and the musicality he learned by listening to the band, inspired him to begin composing and producing his own material. He now combines his love of Hip-hop and composition into all original beats.

Recently Jude Goldforster shared with The Static Dive a teaser instrumental version of his next single. “Rich & Plenty” mixes an original piano bass line and melody with some old school Hip-hop style. It’s a clever, experimental sound. About the track Jude says, “This new beat is based on 12 bar blues. I’m taking a 12 bar melody to a new level.” He is remaining tight-lipped as to who will be recording vocals on the track, but he has his dream collaborator already in mind.

If I could work with my dream Hip-hop superstar it would be Snoop Dogg. I just know that someday I’m gonna work with him. We’re in the same musical groove.

Jude Goldforster
Jude Goldforster Is Goin' To The Land Of Rich And Plenty (Gonna Get There In A Bently) 1

Check out the instrumental track “Rich & Plenty” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Jude Goldforster. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this unique and exciting talent.

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