Something Came Up – New LA Rock, Filipino Style

Something Came Up is an Alternative Rock group with a diverse musical and cultural background. They are a Filipino band, now based in Los Angeles that finds inspiration in the music of both the Philippines and that of the US.  With a sound that incorporates elements of Alternative, Pop/Punk and Experimental Rock they have created a unique niche for themselves in the Southern California music scene.

Since their debut the group has dropped two singles, the most recent being a live recording of their track “Texas Time.” On the track the band delivers on all of their varied influences with a massive guitar attack, Pop/Punk hooks, Prog Rock-worthy musical complexity and just a touch of Screamo. The members of Something Came Up create a thoroughly modern sound by touching on influences from the last three decades of Rock & Roll.

There’s a hint of 90’s Rock with a few well-placed Janes Addiction-style melodic Alt-Metal guitar riffs. And the call-response vocals recall some of the best Emo from the 00’s and 10’s. Lyrically the track is about a night of drinking. However it comes off like a defiant youth anthem as the singer declares, “We’re caught in the moment, just getting started. Don’t try to stop us.” Throughout the track each member of the band is in top form and the energy of the live performance jumps from the speakers. It’s a great sound that will leave the listener ready for a live show after a long quarantine.

What inspired us to make Texas Time was actually our first out of state gig which was in Texas. Our friends, Soilborn invited us and their vocalist Rodsun had the phrase “it’s Texas time” meaning it’s time to drink and the rest was history.

Something Came Up

Check out the live video of “Texas Time” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with the band. Get on their socials and get in the loop on all of their current and future projects.

Something Came Up:
Prince Geronimo
Reeve Ynigo Mirabueno
Francis Meynard Larena
Meryl Melquiades
Winston Kert Lagera
Paolo Sanchez






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