CarTune Navigates The Fine Lines Of Emotions

CarTune is the professional name of veteran Hip-hop artist, Orrin Warner. The Atlanta native has been working professionally for 16 years, but his love for music was born long before that. As a child he would perform for his family and friends, inspired by classic R&B singing groups like The Temptations. By junior high school he found his voice in Hip-hop and never looked back.

In 2021 CarTune began releasing his work to major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. His recent output includes both new material and some of the mixtapes from his back catalog, like 2015’s “Naked.” The flurry of output from the artist so far this year has all been leading up to his forthcoming full length album “The Fine Lines of Emotion.” The nine song collection is both a showcase for his talent and a possible swan song. After the record’s release, CarTune plans to retire from music.

“The Fine Lines of Emotion” is a soulful trip through CarTune’s personal history and in many ways through the history of Hip-hop itself. Throughout the record he mixes old-school Hip-hop beats with jazzy, organic instrumentation. We can feel his love of classic R&B in the 60’s inspired piano Soul of tracks like the “Final Fantasy” and the biographical “Who is CarTune.” With his producer Yung Nab and recording engineer Walter Carter, Warner creates a rich soundscape of soulful jams and funky grooves. The record dips into multiple musical genres, from the Classical intro of “Premeditated” to the 70’s Funk grooves of tracks like “Pearly Gates.”

Although there is no shortage of breakbeats and Boom Bap in the CarTune sound, it’s not all old-school. Among his creative influences the rapper lists legends like Soulja Boy and Kanye West. And like Kanye, he creates a timeless sound by incorporating both modern beats and classic styles into his sound. From the cool hybrid groove of “Hotter than Me” to the Chill-hop/Trap mix of the album’s final track “Plane,” the artist explores the world of Hip-hop with an adventurous spirit.

Lyrically, CarTune covers a lot of ground on “The Fines Lines of Emotion.” He drops philosophical advice on tracks like “Let it Go,” and dissects racial injustice on “Anger Management.” A recurrent theme is the rapper’s strong spiritual faith. He looks to God for guidance throughout the record and shares his religious wisdom on songs like “Figment of Imagination” and “Pearly Gates.” The record is an emotional ride from beginning to end and it closes on a brutally honest monologue in which Orrin declares his retirement while urging other young artists to keep after their dreams.

Check out “The Fine Lines of Emotion” below or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with CarTune. Get on his socials, dig into his back catalog on BandCamp and get in the loop on the new record. Join him on this final stage of a long and fruitful musical and spiritual journey.

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