Phil Mode Drops New Love And Island Grooves On “Vanessa’s Paradise”

phil mode

Phil Mode is a songwriter and producer who is making his return to music in 2021. After taking a break from making beats for a few years he has once again been bitten by the bug. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Phil (a/k/a Felipe) now calls theĀ  suburbs of Portland, Oregon home.

Although Phil is just getting back into the game and describes himself as a hobbyist, the talented producer has already connected with fans across the globe. His recent singles all count their streaming numbers in the thousands. With a remarkable five albums already released this year he is hitting the ground running. 

“Vanessa’s Paradise” is the latest single from Phil Mode, released worldwide to all major streaming services on May 28, 2021. Written as a wedding gift to his twin sister, the track is a touching love song set to a smooth caribbean beat. As the sound of ocean waves float into the mix, ambient synths meet cool percussive electronics. Guest vocalist Kali Malia delivers a soulful tale of lifelong devotion. Soon the beat drops and we are transported to a distant tropical scene. 

Check out the lyric video for “Vanessa’s Paradise” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Phil Mode. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects as he embarks on this new phase of his music journey.






Phil Mode on the Deep Indie playlists