Mike Williams Calls Out Faux Paul On His New Single “Billy Pepper”

Mike Williams is a Raleigh, North Carolina based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The veteran musician has been writing original music since the late 1970s. After early attempts to break into mainstream music he became disillusioned with homogeneity of the industry and committed to a career as an independent musician.

Williams lists the legends of Classic and Alternative Rock as his influences. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Klaatu, Collective Soul, and many other bands and artists have helped shape the eclectic artist’s sound. After an extended hiatus in the early 2000’s, Mike released his debut album “Dystopia” in 2011. Throughout the ensuing decade he has maintained a steady stream of new material.

“Billy Pepper” is the latest single from Mike Williams, released to SoundCloud and YouTube on May 26, 2021. Both musically and lyrically the song is an ode to The Fab Four, and Sir Paul McCartney in particular. Or at least, the person claiming to be Sir Paul. One of the greatest conspiracy theories in Rock & Roll history claims that Paul died on November 9, 1966 and was replaced by his doppelganger, musician Billy Pepper.

The song “Billy Pepper” takes its style and subject matter directly from that era of Beatles history. With a Skiffle-influenced Pop vibe reminiscent of McCartney penned tunes like “Martha My Dear” and “When I’m Sixty Four,” Mike Williams delivers an old-timey, bluesy tune that calls out the faux Paul (a/k/a ‘Faul’) for his part in the supposed deception. It’s a fun song with some nice playing and a classic Pop melody that will stick with you.

Check out “Billy Pepper” below and follow the links below the video to connect with Mike Williams. Get on his socials and dig into his “Paul is Dead” YouTube channel wear he dives deeper into the mystery.

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